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A. Funk Studio

A. Funk Studio is a sculpture studio located in the growing art community of Lake Worth, Florida. Visitors to the studio will discover ceramic and metal sculptures, functional art, high quality gemstones, and many areas dedicated to cultivating a healthy working mess.

A popular hangout for the neighborhood birds and bees, the bird feeder is kept full in the studio tree. The flower garden is also kept happy and healthy for the pollinators. (Save the bees!!!) A new organic vegetable garden is emerging into the mix, and learning new trades has become a priority at this time. I look forward to sharing the fruit of all labors here!

To learn more about me, the founder of A. Funk Studio, please see my Artist Statement and photos below.

Stay current and receive updates by joining the studio Facebook page. High quality Gemstones are for sale online at my Etsy shop. Comments and inquiries are welcome, please send them to afunkstudio@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting my website!

Abbey Funk - Artist Statement

I am a Conceptual artist. I create with purpose and for a reason.

Through my chosen mediums of Clay and Metal, I express emotions and ideas. I create tangible stories that are always ready to be shared, infinitely patient in their completion. I create environments. I show Truth. I intend for the viewer to Question.

As an artist, I seek constant growth and expansion. I push myself. I love the unknown. Experimentation is my answer for everything. There is beauty in creative failure and ‘mistakes’. Success is never giving up.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”- Rumi