A. Funk Studio Signature Collections

Go ahead, the door is open.


Sgraffito Collection

Technically innovative with a timeless aesthetic, this collection has become a trademark style of A. Funk Studio.

Precision of craft and design play a large role in creating these sculptures. However, so does embracing the whimsical nature of clay. Combining these polarities result in a...


Tabletop Collection

The most recent addition to my portfolio is the Tabletop Collection. These sculptures are the result of fearless experimentation and the exploration of new hand-building techniques.

Stepping away from the pottery wheel and manipulating the clay exclusively on tables, is how this...


Wood and Soda Fired

This collection was fired in an Atmospheric kiln fueled by gas and wood. No glazes were used on these sculptures. The colors are a result of the smoke, ash, and soda bicarbonate circulating inside the kiln during the firing. Lots of open flame was involved, along with temperatures reaching...


Space Creatures

Space Creatures? Space Creatures!

These creatures originate in distant galaxies and journey to Earth on a mission. They exist in realms of inter-dimensional consciousness in addition to the physical world.

Six species of Space Creatures coexist peacefully at A. Funk Studio. These...

Abbey-Funk-Rumi-web copy.jpg

Rumi Collection

This Collection is inspired by the words of Rumi, a 13th-century poet, scholar, theologian, and mystic.

Each sculpture was created based on the words of a Rumi poem. When displayed for shows, the poems are included on cards next to each...



Pure White Porcelain + Bold Color + Metallic Chrome = Magic, Beauty, Pride.

“For those colours which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white ground.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

To see more from the Porcelain Collection, click on images below.



The terracotta collection is one of my earliest collections as a professional potter. It is inspired by my first pottery teachers... the Native American people.

I fell in love with Native American pottery at a young age. Although I didn't learn directly from the tribes, I looked through...


Doumbek Drums

These drums are highly functional, hand carved, one-of-a-kind musical instruments. The ceramic body acts as an amplifier for the sound, and these are LOUD little drums!

Created from start to finish in my studio, I begin by throwing the forms on the wheel. They are fired, glazed, and fired...


Steel Sculptures with Gemstones

These sculptures are made of re-purposed steel and metal. Each one was created to hold a treasured stone from my personal collection.

In December 2014, I acquired my metal working equipment from a gifted artist moving forward in other aspects of his creative career. He made my progression...